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৳ 45,000.00

Design Glass Door (35,000/-, or 40,000/- or 55,000/-, or 65,000/- or 70,000/- rate per Pices ) (minimum Quantity- 1 to 1,00,000 pices )
* Only for Residential, Commercial corporate & Export sell
* Minimum Order start from 50,000/-

Design Glass WINDOWS or Glass wall Making or Glass Terracotta work ( 450/- or 480/- or 520/- or  550/- or 650/- or 750/- or 850/- or 950/- or 1050/- or 1150/- or 1250/- rate per Square feet ) (minimum Quantity- 100 to 1,00,000 Square feet )
* Only for Residential, Commercial corporate & Export sell
* Minimum Order start from 1,20,000/-
Any doors with Glass component that needs repair or replacement.

Decorative Glass for Doors and Windows

Stained Glass & V-Grooving Wall Art with Wooden Frame

Designer Glass Works,

Golden Thikri Work,

Aluminum Window And Door Glass Work Aluminum Composite Pana,

Geometric Design Glass Inlay Work,

Glass Art Work Services

The Glass Art of Arteriors design studio is noted for its sympathetic integration with architecture as well as for its innovative application of modern technologies. Contemporary styles, vivid colours, ebullient textures and dramatic designs in combination with materials like wood, metal etc. are all hallmarks of our Glass Art prowess. The application of the art work includes wall panels, skylights, room dividers, doors, windows and sculptural elements. The Glass Works are well suited for customized residential projects as well as high end corporate environments and commercial projects including Retails, Restaurants and Resorts.

This Glass Art provides a complete range of services from designing to, assembling and installation for a broad range of works (etched, beveled, leaded, laminated, painted, stained, fused etc.).